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The Alfresco Add-ons directory is about eight months old, and has recently crossed the significant milestone of having 200 entries all related to Alfresco version 3.4 and newer. We have tried to monitor the site and remove duplicate entries as well as non-useful add-ons, so we are very proud of the quality of the projects that have been listed.

The Alfresco community has done an amazing job at producing helpful add-ons that can enhance most Alfresco deployments. Some of these add-ons, due to their quality and general usefulness, have been accepted into or re-implemented in core Alfresco (I started to include a list here, but decided that it needs to be its own blog post).

If you maintain an add-on entry, then please update your entry. We now provide additional classification taxonomies to help users of the directory identify your add-on. Each entry can include a link to a site describing paid support options. You can also upload screen shots and other images. A Google site search has been added, and users can submit tags and comments. In the near future we will begin offering reviews of specific add-ons that we find impressive. The biggest request that we get for the add-on directory is to update the entries with information about new releases of Alfresco and new versions of the add-on, so we would appreciate you helping with that.

If you previously maintained a project on the deprecated Alfresco Forge service, please migrate that project to different code hosting infrastructure and list its new location in the add-ons directory. Alfresco Forge is closing, and there are still some useful projects that need to be moved.

If you are aware of an add-on that you think should be included in the directory, please submit an entry. The directory is for any project that compliments an Alfresco deployment, whether Enterprise or Community Edition, in the cloud or on-premise. The directory contains open source and proprietary add-ons. It is the best way to expose your add-on to the Alfresco community. If you see an add-on that you maintain already listed, then someone else was impressed enough with your add-on to submit an entry. Contact us and we will be happy to give you control over the entry.

We are grateful for your willingness to share your enhancements for Alfresco with others. The directory is available at


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