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Recovering Deleted Web Pages

I recently had trouble upgrading this blog. No big deal, I thought, I will just restore the backup. The restoration went smoothly, except the part where I discovered that the backup was empty. Lesson learned (again): test your restore process!

Lucky for me, the Internet never forgets. These Firefox tools helped me restore the entries ...

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The CMIS browser in version 4 of LibreOffice is a great example of what we at Alfresco hoped people would do with this standard. It makes it very easy to access your content in Alfresco (or any other CMIS compliant repository) and take advantage of content management features like check-ins and metadata.

I want to ...

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I was a happy T-Mobile customer. Though I was occasionally disappointed by their spotty network coverage, I was won over by the advantages:

  • Their customer service was generally impressive. It wasn't perfect, but generally short hold times, and helpful staff.
  • My plan was relatively inexpensive.
  • They are the only major cell phone provider in ...

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 A Great Pair: Easy Tomato and the Asus RT-N16

For my home firewall and server I used to have an old laptop running Debian. It was a source of geek pride that I had configured by hand all of the necessary services (DHCP, DNS, iptables, Apache, Samba) and knew how everything worked. When that laptop died, I decided I was too lazy to keep ...

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I hoard information, and I am always looking for a better way to store it. As I teenager I used my Dad's install of AskSam and FolioViews to create hundreds of notes. I learned the hard way about proprietary formats; all that data is gone. Now I like to keep my notes in an ...

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