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I learned the hard way.

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Summary: Herein, the author purchases a digital piano.

My grandparents wanted to help us buy a piano for our little family. Between their contribution and the money we had saved, our budget allowed us to make the single biggest cash purchase of our lives. We did a couple of months of research before settling on a ...

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This card has a prism2 chipset and works like a charm. I think it is a great card, and it only cost about $40, including shipping charges. I would recommend this card.

I started off trying to get the linux-wlan-ng driver to work because that is what every HOWTO I found recommended. I found the wlan ...

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I thought that this was the PCMCIA card that is listed in the kernel docs as having a prism chipset. It’s not. It is version 2 and uses an ADMtek chipset.

I didn’t really try to get it working. Instead I took it back to the store and told them that I wasn’t ...